Dr. Tonmoy Sharma: Treatment Of Drug Addiction Lies On Brain Healing

What could be the definitive treatment for drug addiction, the one solution that will lead to total recovery? Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, CEO of Sovereign Health, and Dr. Veena Kumari have offered what they think is the best solution to the problem. Addiction will stop when the brain starts to heal, the two experts proposed.

They explained the idea in the article titled “This New Addiction Treatment Helps the Brain Heal,” that the Los Angeles Times published in January 2017. The research took a deep dive into drug addiction cases and pushed the conclusion that substance abuse is inevitably connected to behavioral issues. So, to treat addiction, the cure must also address the underlying psychological complications, the study suggested.

As stated in the editorial piece, Dr. Sharma and his colleague are convinced that all forms of substance abuse will impact a person’s mental health. And the best way to heal that same patient is to provide a holistic treatment process – to eliminate the dependence on drugs and make the mind healthy again.

Sound Thinking Has No Room For Substance Use

The proposition from the Sovereign CEO and his chief scientist indicated that drug abuse would see an end when the mental issues are first pinpointed for resolution. This approach syncs with the emerging thoughts from several drug addiction experts that the use of drugs is more than a conscious choice. A patient’s will to stop will gain a stronger traction if the mind can think straight, according to Dr. Kumari.

“Overcoming addiction is more than just wanting to stop … There are underlying brain issues that drive addiction, and once that becomes more accepted,” said the Sovereign Chief Scientific Officer.

Dr. Kumari pointed to using neurological tools such as cognitive remediation therapy (CRT) as the better alternative to treat substance abuse. “CRT should become more widespread in addiction care,” the scientist said.

CRT is a big boost because of the scientific findings that “substance abuse causes damage to the brain.” Dr. Tonmoy Sharma said that those struggling with alcoholism had been known with impaired judgment, which can be traced to brain damages caused by substance abuse. He added that the best solution for such a case is CRT.

The Sovereign Treatment

Sovereign made clear that CRT as an addiction treatment is still in the early stages, but it is a process that is the brainchild of scientists with impeccable credentials. Dr. Kumari is a leading figure in the world of psychiatry and neuroscience. She has been involved in over 250 publications and brought her expertise to India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

On the other hand, Dr. Tonmoy Sharma is the brain behind Sovereign Health, founded in 2009. It is a national behavioral health system that operates treatment centers in California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Utah. Strict state regulations cleared these facilities to handle patients, and they benefit from Dr. Sharma’s expertise that was widely acknowledged in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Sovereign Health offers specialized mental health and addiction or dual diagnosis treatment programs at its facilities. Among the conditions that Sovereign can handle are trauma, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, cognitive deficits, and eating disorders.

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