Sovereign Health CEO Tonmoy Sharma Discusses Usefulness Of Measurement-Based Care (MBC)

The United States is grappling with the rising cases of drug addiction, and according to Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, the answer to this plague is already on hand – Measurement-Based Care or MBC. It’s unfortunate that the same solution is misunderstood and unused or underused, lamented by the Sovereign Health CEO.

Dr. Sharma made his case in an editorial piece titled “A Resolution to Embrace Measurement-Based Care in 2017” and published by Psychology Today. He argued for the wisdom of designing specific clinical care that is greatly dependent on the data gathered during the treatment process.

The Sovereign chief admitted that MBC has yet to gain the support it deserves but not because the approach is ineffective. For MBC to gain prominence and the subsequent wide use, people need to fully understand the process, Dr. Sharma said.

MBC Can Be Used On Virtually Any Health Issue

Dr. Sharma firmly believes that MBC is a treatment unjustly overlooked, and he blamed the misconception on the lack of understanding of the concept. If only MBC is understood as intended, it would be a solution that can be used on a wide range of medical problems, he added.

“Over the past decade, MBC has emerged as an incontrovertible, evidence-based method that can be used for virtually any health issue, and research has shown that applying MBC (such as monitoring symptom change using specific assessments) is beneficial for improving client outcomes,” the doctor wrote on the article.

Such application is in complete agreement with the chief objective of providing quality healthcare that is “firmly rooted in established biomedical research.”

Dr. Sharma stressed that the prevailing situation, in which MBC is grossly underused and misunderstood as a standard of care in substance use disorder treatment, needs immediate correction.

When properly understood, Dr. Sharma envisioned that MBC would be a key component in delivering quality healthcare, which will cover the treatment process of substance abuse and mental disorder.

Sovereign Health Can Deal With Rising Drug Addiction

Dr. Sharma’s Sovereign Health is a national behavioral health system that operates treatment centers in California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Utah. Strict state regulations cleared these facilities to handle patients, and they benefit from Dr. Sharma’s expertise that was widely acknowledged in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Sovereign Health is adequately equipped to provide specialty care for patients in all age brackets. The company CEO assured that Sovereign facilities boast the expertise to offer a solution to the increasing substance abuse cases in America.

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