Decoding the Mysterious World of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a condition that has been often incorrectly interpreted.

There are no precise answers in the world of schizophrenia; only ambiguity. What causes schizophrenia? Is it genetics, a faulty environment, or upbringing? The debate goes on. There have been remarkable findings that have altered the course of the narrative multiple times.

Chromosome 5 and Schizophrenia

Chromosomes is what makes us unique individuals. It is what sets us apart from other human beings. Chromosome 5 is one of the 23 pairs of our chromosomes. It contains an estimated 900 genes that provide instructions in making proteins. Such genes are responsible for performing a variety of functions in the human body.

With the Basset report, the link between chromosome 5 and schizophrenia was established. There was buzz in 1989 when the report pinpointed chromosome 5 as the location for a schizophrenia-susceptibility gene. There were numerous factors that lent credibility to the association between chromosome 5 and schizophrenia.

Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, author, and mental health specialist, the CEO of Sovereign Health and a psychiatrist with a formidable academic track record, was among those whose interest was piqued by the link between the two. Sovereign Health is also one of the few behavioral health facilities in the United States that has preserved its ambiance of a small, humble facility while utilizing the top-class medical traditions in order to provide service to patients with compassion, nurturing, and the best caliber in medical competence. Since 1988 when Dr. Sharma commenced his education in Psychiatry, mental health specialist Dr. Tonmoy Sharma’s interest in schizophrenia research was conspicuous.

Changed Results

During Dr. Sharma’s free time as the SHO/Registrar, he acquired a throng of families diagnosed with schizophrenia from the United Kingdom. The objective was to attempt to replicate the positive linkage finding on Chromosome 5. When Sharma evaluated the initial group of families, the diagnoses in a number of members had been altered. It was displayed that the initial result was potentially a false positive one.

This set forth the recognition that the definition of the phenotype was too categorical and is in need of broadening.

As time passed, the hype surrounding chromosome 5 grew. Sharma transitioned from his role as a clinical researcher to an entrepreneur and a thought leader in the field of mental healthcare. He has steadfastly worked to ensure that mental health becomes the mainstay of modern medicine with the noble objective to remove the stigma surrounding mental health and disorders like schizophrenia.

1 in 100 Individuals Will Exhibit Schizophrenia Symptoms in Their Lifetime

There has been ample research into the roots of schizophrenia. However, it remains shrouded in mystery. The disorder is characterized by experiences and thought processes that are far from reality. The psychological illness has serious impact on an individual’s ability to think, feel, or act rationally. Though they are not regarded as a threat to society, people with such condition are shunned in their integration with society.

When Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, mental health specialist, was the Principal Investigator at SCP, one important research was related to identifying the genetic susceptibility to schizophrenia through functional imaging in order to foresee how the brain’s networks are fired by memory and linguistic activities.

Study on Neurocognitive Network Activation

This study is built from earlier work conducted in familial schizophrenia which exhibited that unaffected relatives had deficits in neuropsychological functioning and brain structure. Through functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), the project’s objective is to evaluate neurocognitive network activation.

Findings of the Study

According to the conclusion of the study, in contrast to unaffected siblings and controls, schizophrenics and “obligate carriers” with a genetic predisposition to schizophrenia will display abnormal patterns of network activation. Such abnormality will be exhibited to a lesser degree in “obligate carriers” than schizophrenics.

About Dr. Tonmoy Sharma

Author Dr. Tonmoy Sharma has embarked in undertakings purported to paint a realistic picture of schizophrenia and its impact to society. Aside from acting as a principal investigator, he has been a Changing Minds subcommittee member on schizophrenia. Changing Minds is an anti-stigma campaign overseen by the Royal College of psychiatrists. The website displays his body of work in the undertaking.

About Sovereign Health

The Sovereign Health Group’s mission has been to provide a broad spectrum of high-quality behavioral health treatment services. One factor that sets apart Sovereign Health Group from other treatment providers has been the healthcare company’s capacity to provide separate mental health and addiction or dual diagnosis treatment programs at its facilities. Visit to learn more of company.

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