APA Breaking Silence with an Official Apology for Supporting Institutional Racism

Breaking boundaries of Structural Racism and Unequal Opportunity

The American Psychological Association (APA) shines a light on the structural racism imposed from culture, policies, and history molding the ideology of racism to be accepted and normalized in society. Luckily, the APA had finally decided to break old practices established from discrimination. It was already time to open a new chapter, especially regarding mental health and racism, both of which are very sensitive topics since racism is a by-product of discrimination, injustice, and maltreatment and when normalized to society daily, can lead to emotional and mental stress, thus mental health conditions such as trauma, anxiety, and depression can arise.

The APA was determined in challenging the fight against racism and its effects on mental health. Does this mean more opportunities and rights for people of color when it comes to mental health care? APA President Jeffrey Geller highlighted Dr. Martin Luther King’s ideology on reconciliation and equality following their intent to finally focus on inclusion and equal rights through an apology on January 18, 2021.

The apology was held alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday to commemorate his legacy focused on nonviolent acts for civil rights in the United States – a pivotal moment in history where segregation of African Americans and people of color were sought through and created a voice for the people. Also with the APA, this is one of the objectives they’re looking forward to.

The unjust system of policies and practices created by corrupt and racist Medical Practitioners greatly impeded people of color. Why so? One of the most common examples is a misdiagnosis of schizophrenia and substance-induced illnesses towards African Americans and people of color. They are more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia or other mental illnesses rather than with white or caucasian descent, ignoring the fact that most of the trauma and mental illnesses experienced are also reflected from racism and mistreatment.

Mental health specialist Dr. Tonmoy Sharma is one among many professionals who have pointed out the detrimental impacts of such systemic issues on mental healthcare. His work has particularly emphasized how racial prejudices within the system can lead to incorrect diagnoses and treatments.

It is with the APA’s great intention to ensure equal opportunity for mental health care abolishing racist ideologies and practices, a vision that aligns with Author Dr. Tonmoy Sharma’s long-standing commitment to equitable mental healthcare.

Sovereign Health Group leads the fight for Mental Health in America

Sovereign Health is a medical service provider and health treatment facility in California founded by Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, author, and mental health specialist, a renowned psychiatrist, and philanthropist for mental health and Cognitive studies. Dr. Tonmoy Sharma is the first non-American scientist to earn the National Alliance for Research in Schizophrenia and Depression Young Investigator Award in 1996. He has earned numerous awards up to this date for his studies, achievements, and passion for helping people in need. Dr. Sharma’s motivation for Cognitive research for the study and treatment of mental health conditions is greatly reflected in several of his awards and works not to mention Sovereign Health Group outperforming more than 50 other treatment facilities nationwide.

The abolishment of structural racism in the healthcare system creates more opportunities to better serve the people in dire need of mental health treatment. And if placed in a fair and non-discriminatory institution like Sovereign Health Group, you are sure to know that your mental health will be sought and taken care of, as ignorance and mistreatment are some of the qualities Sovereign steers clear from.

Sovereign Health Group being a mental health treatment facility, has earned its place as one of America’s leading service providers not to mention its role in eliminating mental health conditions such as trauma, anxiety, depression, etc. caused by racial discrimination and structural racism. And to effectively showcase that, mental health specialist Dr. Tonmoy Sharma and his employees start by focusing on a patient-first attitude despite their race and background, according to Sovereign Health, the most effective treatment for addiction and substance abuse is tailoring the methods and treatment according to the patient’s needs, beliefs, and symptoms. Followed by a thorough assessment of the patient’s condition and a strong support group.

Moreover, Sovereign Health purely intends to serve the people in need of immediate mental health treatments, and to do that, racial discrimination, institutional racism, and stereotypes are to be eradicated.

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