Sovereign Health Upgrades Patient Experience by using PIMS

As of today, more people are becoming aware of their mental health conditions, and they seek health services to address their concerns. The demand for mental care increases as the patient numbers increase, and as patient numbers increase, treatment facilities show their limitations in accommodating a large number of patients. Often, these patients are left waiting long periods of time before they get their much-needed medical attention. This delay in services can negatively affect the patients because they do not get the immediate care they need. As these patients start their journey to recovery, it is crucial that they get the best possible medical attention as soon as possible. These patients’ conditions are already making them feel bad, and delayed mental health care might be detrimental to them. One of the ways to address these kinds of delays and improve patient experiences is by integrating technology in providing services. At Sovereign Health, led by Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, mental health specialist, one of the proofs of integrating technology in providing services can be seen through the use of Patient Information Monitoring System (PIMS

How Sovereign Health uses PIMS

In the age of digital healthcare, it is expected that patient services are provided in a more systematic and efficient way so that patients can immediately get the best possible care. Sovereign Health uses PIMS to efficiently monitor its patients. PIMS is a user-friendly software that can be customized to cater to the needs of the patients. The working idea behind this software is One Record One Patient (OROP), which ensures that each patient has their own record that contains the necessary personal and medical information that would guide their treatment program. Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, CEO of Sovereign Health, emphasizes the importance of leveraging technology like PIMS for better patient outcomes. PIMS is also integrated with Salesforce and Chauffeur app to help manage patient needs, and it provides daily updates of patients and generates patient reports that would be used by the senior management. Overall, PIMS makes patient management at Sovereign Health, which is under the guidance of Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, author and mental health specialist, easier and more efficient.

PIMS and its Benefits

The efficiency of PIMS provides a lot of benefits to Sovereign Health. By using PIMS, there is no need for bulky paperwork, as all data are uploaded to a cloud storage and can easily be accessed anytime. In addition to this, PIMS ensures data availability in real-time. This ease of access saves the staff time in manually searching larges piles of documents just to retrieve a patient’s information file. Also, PIMS makes billing of services easier because every transaction or service is recorded in the system. Aside from these, PIMS provides updates on the patients and the facilities or resources used by the patient, and it guarantees high quality service due to its personalization feature. Mental health specialist Dr. Tonmoy Sharma strongly advocates the utilization of such advanced systems for better mental health care. Above all, the use of this system also speeds up the process of getting mental health care and eliminates the long waiting times before getting the necessary medical attention.

Why Using PIMS Lead to High-Quality Patient Services

Personalization and customer service are the cornerstones of providing healthcare in the digital age. Sovereign Health takes their mission of providing quality mental health care seriously by using PIMS for their patients. Because of using PIMS, Sovereign Health has consolidated database of patient records. This consolidated database ensures that Sovereign Health has the necessary information that can aid its patients to a proper journey to recovery. Everything that the staff of Sovereign Health needs to know about the patients are included in the records of PIMS, and these information helps them know what kind of care the patient needs and when the patient needs it. Despite having skilled staff at Sovereign Health, they need to keep up with the advancements of technology so that they can maintain the high-quality services that patients get at this facility. Author Dr. Tonmoy Sharma strongly believes that the use of innovative systems like PIMS is essential for delivering high-quality mental health care. Using PIMS ensures that fewer errors are possible because it is easier to monitor possible errors with the aid of technology. Overall, PIMS is an excellent technological advancement that helps Sovereign Health achieve their mission of providing high-quality and timely mental health care to their patients.

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