Dr. Tonmoy Sharma’s Passion: He Works To Unlock The Human Brain

Understanding how the brain functions is not a job for Dr. Tonmoy Sharma. For him, it’s a self-imposed mission to understand the intricacies of the human brain. The Sovereign Health CEO has long believed that for man to achieve mental health, the key is to get through the mysteries locked inside the mind.

Dr. Sharma has been probing the human brain all his life. What intrigues him the most is how the brain controls human emotion, how it fires up the mixed feelings that make humans distinct.

“I wanted to know what makes us happy, what makes us sad, and which part of the brain modulates happiness and sadness. Also, which functions of the brain are important,” said the Sovereign boss during a TV interview in October 2016.

The mind functions with complexities, and Dr. Sharma said understanding it will open the door for more effective treatments should problems arise.

Importance Of Mental Health

Dr. Sharma said he and his team of Sovereign specialists are still in the process of investigating the human brain, stressing that it is continuing work with more clues waiting to be discovered. For instance, Sovereign researchers are working on the areas of attention and memory, hoping for bits of information that would help them better understand the disorders that afflict people with a mental health condition.

“How people lose the ability to properly use their brain when mental health or addiction is involved,” is one of the questions that Dr. Sharma has wanted to answer for the longest time.

He is convinced that if doctors more about the human brain, they will be better equipped to treat their patients. And foremost of the pressing concerns by specialists is to provide treatment that patients will receive with confidence.

“When someone is going through a mental health problem, they don’t know what they’re dealing with. A person with a broken mind doesn’t seek help because they’re afraid of the unknown; it’s the fear of the unknown,” said the Sovereign chief.

Sovereign Health estimates that around 25% are struggling with a mental disorder, and Sovereign identified some of these cases as anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar, and post-traumatic syndrome disorder. This means that Sovereign and other behavioral treatment services are set for a lot of hard work ahead.

Sovereign Health Prepared For the Job

Sovereign Health boasts nine behavioral treatment facilities that operate in five states across America. Strict state regulations cleared these facilities to handle patients, and they benefit from Dr. Sharma’s expertise that was widely acknowledged in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

As Dr. Sharma mentioned, he and his team of experts are relentless in the pursuit of unlocking the mysteries that shroud the human brain. They expect to answer any questions about the mind, which should mean better treatment processes in the years to come, courtesy of Sovereign Health.

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