Dr. Tonmoy Sharma Says Damages Caused By Drug Addiction Can Be Reversed

Experts have observed that substance abuse will likely leave lasting damages, but Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, author and mental health specialist, has a piece of good news. His research showed that the behavioral harms seen on addiction patients could be reversed using a proactive treatment process.

Dr. Sharma called the treatment approach cognitive remediation. In his talk before a crowd of more than 100 behavioral treatment professionals in May 2016, the Sovereign Health CEO stressed that hope is not lost for patients struggling with addiction and its resulting mental disorder.

He explained that substance use could lead to cognitive deficits, which manifest as behavioral illness. However, if there is an effective cure for drug addiction, it’s the same for cognitive deficits. A timely intervention by qualified professionals will open the door for eventual recovery, said mental health specialist Dr. Tonmoy Sharma.

Cognitive Remediation Works

The Sovereign chief explained that if used proactively, the cognitive remediation methodologies can potentially do two things – one is to repair the harms caused by using unregulated drugs. The treatment can also improve cognitive deficits that most behavioral illness patients display, according to Dr. Sharma.

Dr. Ashish Bhatt, who is a chief medical officer at Sovereign Health, said the fresh perspective offered by Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, author, and mental health specialist, served to inspire the behavioral treatment community. What was said encouraged the professionals to continue their mission of helping and healing patients, added the company official.

“Dr. Sharma’s presentation helps to examine the influence illicit drugs and alcohol have on the pathogenesis of disease severity and cognitive deficits, along with the potential benefits of certain treatments, such as cognitive remediation, on reversing these deficits,” said Dr. Bhatt.

Sovereign Health’s Continuing Mission

Sovereign Health boasts nine behavioral treatment facilities that operate in five states across America. Strict state regulations cleared these facilities to handle patients, and they benefit from mental health specialist Dr. Tonmoy Sharma’s expertise that was widely acknowledged in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

In his previous presentations, Dr. Sharma shared the mission he has set for Sovereign Health. And to achieve that, he and his team of experts are relentless in the pursuit of unlocking the mysteries that shroud the human brain. They expect to answer many more questions about the mind, which should mean better treatment processes in the years to come.

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