Did You Know? Sovereign Health Treats, Heals, And Teaches As Well

It’s well-documented that Sovereign Health treats addiction and mental disorders, and makes sure that recovering patients are guided to take a lasting path for healing. Sovereign’s treatment approach has a high success rate, a truth that patients and industry experts attest to. But it seems little heard that the behavioral care provider has one noble mission: teaching and sharing its healing expertise.

The company educates through Sovereign Institute, which is described as operating with the core purpose of preparing “the next generation of psychotherapists, counselors, clinicians, addiction treatment specialists who are not only compassionate about their jobs but also develop empathy for the patients.”

Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, author, and mental health specialist, founded the institute to realize his dream of building a circle of mental care professionals that the industry would regard as the cream of the crop. When these thoroughbred specialists graduate from Sovereign’s school, they will acquire domain expertise and their skillset significantly enhanced.

As Sovereign explained: “Sovereign is committed to providing our students with the tools and knowledge that one needs to succeed. They have the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research from world-renowned experts in addiction and mental health.”

The Rationale For Sovereign Institute

Advocacy groups have praised Sovereign and Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, mental health specialist, for willingly sharing the best treatment practices developed by the care provider. And this is in line with the goal of producing caregivers who can provide the best treatment method available and take the lead in any given circumstance.

Sovereign Institute trains care professionals to shine in the niche of their choice, whether as an addiction treatment specialist or advanced psychotherapy. Also, the Sovereign school makes sure that care specialists can empathize with patients, a quality that the care provider considers an important x-factor when engaging with patients.

Having empathy will make it easier for behavioral care professionals to carry out their duty and provide “the best care to the vulnerable behavioral health patients and individuals plagued by substance abuse disorder,” Sovereign said.

Sovereign’s Seal Of Quality Care

Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, author, and mental health specialist, has been a proponent of such holistic approaches to behavioral care, emphasizing the necessity of an empathetic approach in the profession.

Sovereign created a teaching curriculum that passed the strict scrutiny of industry regulators. Its intervention course for alcohol and substance abuse, for instance, won authentication approval from the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals. This program, backed by expertise from professionals like mental health specialist Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, has trained professionals in the best practices of providing care, and they now have the tools to treat patients with confidence.

Sovereign also offers specific courses for free as the company firmly believes that providing caregivers with updated treatment skills would best serve the patients. The care provider is honored by the thought of its graduates helping people and advancing their careers in the process.

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