A Gentle Reminder From Dr. Tonmoy Sharma: It Won’t Hurt To Disconnect

It is a busy world out there, and people are shooting to accomplish many things all at once. In their minds, success can only be achieved by working doubly hard, which by any gauge is the truth. However, by taking in too much workload, these ultra-achievers reach the burnout level too soon. Toxicity overwhelmed them.

It is a sad fact, and it is how people conduct their daily lives nowadays. Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, author and mental health specialist, says that overworked people are essentially “infected with toxic qualities,” a state that calls for an immediate solution. It’s a case of having too much of everything – the sound, the visuals, and all the data that we absorb each day are impossible to process efficiently. Overloading is bound to happen, and when it does, the best thing to do is press that soft reset button.

In an opinion piece published by The Pioneer in December 2017, Dr. Sharma underscored the importance of disconnecting regularly. He called it mental detoxification – the conscious act of ridding the tired brain of poisons – so the body and mind will be cleansed. And possibly the soul as well.

Benefits Of Having Me Or Quiet Moments

The Sovereign Health CEO wrote that we are trapped in a daily routine of dealing with noises and distractions in the present-day modern world. The things – the high-tech devices that connect us to the internet – vying for our attention are just aplenty, and we tend to answer these calls without fail. Eventually, the daily grind will take the form of an assault that batters the mind and body.

“It’s exhausting. Our minds are overwhelmed, our stress levels rise, and every day we get up and face the same flood of stimuli,” mental health specialist Dr. Tonmoy Sharma reminded.

He noted too that stress is slow to manifest, such as the case of war veterans who came from the battleground convinced they were okay. But when the mind started settling in and the scarred memories played back the horrors of what transpired, problems arose, and many tied to cope with the situation by abusing drugs.

Somehow, most of us acted the same way, choosing to ignore the underlying problems until they exploded. It shouldn’t be the way to go, as Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, author and mental health specialist, recommended withdrawing and disconnecting. Doing so will give the mind and body time to rest, allow for a reset, and become energized again.

Mental detoxification can be as simple as staying still for a while, withdraw into a meaningful meditation. This will allow the mind and soul to better process one’s concerns. For his part, mental health specialist Dr. Tonmoy Sharma said his regular me-moments afforded him clarity of thinking. At such a state, he’s in a better position to deal with issues – to decide what matters and what doesn’t. Most importantly, a detoxified mind allowed him to let go of the things that were bogging him down, Dr. Sharma shared.

Rediscovering One’s True Self

As part of his detoxification practice, Dr. Sharma said he took a month-long break and used the time to travel with like-minded friends. The vacation proved to be much needed. The Sovereign chief said he learned again to appreciate the small things in life – the beauty of nature and the times spent with important people in his life.

And most remarkably, the step-back saw Dr. Sharma’s creativity juice flowing freely and in large amounts. He got a big boost in productivity and finished off the indefinitely delayed projects in the past years. The Sovereign CEO stressed that he is reaping the benefits of mental detoxification because he took the first big step and acknowledged the need for a breathing space. And he was courageous enough to disconnect from the trappings of a modern but frenetic lifestyle.

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